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Market Update- October 2021

The end of forbearance is not the end of a seller market. Supply is up 93% since April while prices continue to rise.

For Buyers:

The housing supply shortage is still in full swing, and there is online speculation that …

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The Cost of Convenience

Selling a home is one of the most stressful transactions one will ever do- this is what we’ve been told for years, so it’s no wonder the ‘industry disrupters’ clung to the home selling transaction as a way to bring …

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The Cool Down- Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who read my latest post, The Cool Down, and for sending me your questions and comments.  I think we are all so ready for the market to shift and for things to become a bit easier …

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RE Tip- The Cool Down

What does it feel like in the market when you have a slight cool down from the scorching hot beginning of 2021? Well, it feels a little weird, a little unsure, still a bit frantic, if you’re in the buyer’s …

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RE Tips- For Out-of-State Buyer’s

The rumors are true, life in Arizona is pretty sweet, with a side of hellish hot in the summer, and that’s why an estimated 240-300 people move to the valley every day. Yes, you read that right, every day. Phoenix …

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How to Compete with CA Cash

So, you found the home of your dreams…you’re prepared to make an offer- all your ducks are in a row- you begin to imagine how you’ll decorate, entertain and live in the space….then you get the call from your agent, …

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FAQ- What to Expect When Buying
What to expect when buying a home. Your FAQ’s answered!
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5 Ways to be More Sustainable at Home

As the popularity of green building—an architectural approach focused on environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes—is on the rise, so is green home design.  Thanks to new advances in technology and products, it’s now easier than ever before to have a …

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Starting Stacked

The American Dream, it may look a little different than it did in the 50’s, but at the core it still involves home ownership, smart investing and building a little bit of wealth. With housing prices on the rise nationwide- …

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Qualifying as a Creative

We have showcased the homes of many creative employees in our feature stories- painters, photographers, web developers, bakers, etc- all entrepreneurs with so much talent and creativity.  We love the creative community here in Phoenix and feel the city has …

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What a Difference a Paint Makes!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in the Real Estate world is about selling; what are some of the best things you can do to your home before putting your home on the market?  We have all …

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