Pet Friendly Homes

Pet-friendly homes have become increasingly popular among buyers as more people consider their pets as beloved members of their families. Here are some key features that pet owners often look for in a new home and a look back at Neighborly client pets for an extra boost of serotonin: 

Yard: A pet-friendly yard is essential for homeowners with four-legged friends and is usually a big factor for making the jump from apartment to single family home. The yard should offer enough space for pets to run and play freely. The yard can have natural grass or artificial turf, which is easy to maintain. Adding features like nice trees for shade or a pool for water-loving pets can also be attractive. 

Fenced Area: Safety is a top priority for pet owners, so a secure fence around the yard is important. This allows pets to roam outside without the risk of running off or getting into dangerous situations. 

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Unique Spaces: Homeowners are getting creative with unused or underutilized spaces in their homes to create pet-friendly retreats. Examples include converting spaces under stairs into cozy pet rooms with beds, toys, and entertainment like a small TV. 

Wash/Grooming Areas: A dedicated area for pet grooming and bathing is a big plus. A large laundry room or mudroom with a spacious sink and counter space can serve dual purposes for laundry and pet grooming. 

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Flooring: Durable and easy-to-clean flooring is a must for pet owners, especially those with shedding pets. Flooring options like tile, Saltillo, scratch-resistant vinyl, engineered flooring, or polished concrete are pet-friendly choices that make clean ups easier. 

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Special Touches: Small touches that cater to pets’ needs can really impress potential buyers. These may include built-in pet doors for easy access to the yard, designated feeding areas with built-in bowl holders, hidden pet gates to restrict pet access, and even outside water fountains. These special touches are always noticed by a loving pet family and make life better for their loved ones. 

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Special Feature: We would love to share a heartwarming story of Sam and Mollie, who used The Neighborly to purchase a home in the Westwood Neighborhood of Phoenix. They are cat lovers and have three adorable cats named Walter, Coop, and Jack. Additionally, they care for and help spay/neuter new kittens in the area, demonstrating their love and responsibility for pets beyond their own furry family members. 

Remember that when selling a home, highlighting these pet-friendly features can make a significant difference to potential buyers who prioritize their pets’ comfort and well-being. Or, when buying a home think about what items you want to have for your loving pet. For more real estate guidance for you and your pets email us- .

Written by Colby Schmeckpeper

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