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Buyer 101- The Heart of the Home; Part 1

When searching for homes, the kitchen might be one of the most essential rooms for a buyer. It’s where you prepare meals, where friends and family will gather when visiting, where you entertain, and where you spend the most time …

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Buyer 101- From the Windows to the Walls

One of the first thing you will notice when looking at prospective homes is the type of building materials and construction. There are several different types of materials that could be used in your potential purchase and it’s good to …

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Buyer 101- Types of Water Heaters Explained

Small components of a home also come into play when inspecting your dream home and we will tackle water heaters in this edition of Buyer 101. While not as costly as some of the topics that I have covered it …

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FAQ- What to Expect When Buying
What to expect when buying a home. Your FAQ’s answered!
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Buyer 101- Foundations

Your home’s foundation is one of the main structural components you may have concerns about when making your purchase. While it’s easy to see a roof while touring a property and most buyers will look up, it is important to …

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Elevate Your Space – Hardware Matters

Taking a breath from the market, interest rates, and contracts- let’s talk about the fun part of owning a home- making it pretty! There are many ways to upgrade a house- from a large-scale total remodel to landscaping, decor, etc. …

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Outbid Again!

If you are a buyer in today’s market, you’re familiar with being outbid. The telltale signs that you are not getting a “yes” include multiple offers, the whispers of cash, appraisals waived, and when your offer is about to expire…it’s …

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Offers No More

The big Zillow news, the “Zillow Offers” program is shuttering after only a few years due to disappointing profits and shareholder pressure. Zillow acted as buyer, appraiser, bank, flipper, then broker in their Zillow offers model, leaving the company exposed …

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Big News | Bigger Buying Power

You’ve been searching and searching, you’ve saved your money for a sizable down payment, and now you’re not finding what you want because prices keep going up!  Your choice is to either increase the budget or decrease the list of …

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The Neighborly Q & A

I opened the floor to our Instagram audience this week and took questions about the housing market and my own experience as a realtor. If you don’t see a question you’d like the answer to below, please email directly to …

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RE Tip- The Cool Down

What does it feel like in the market when you have a slight cool down from the scorching hot beginning of 2021? Well, it feels a little weird, a little unsure, still a bit frantic, if you’re in the buyer’s …

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RE Tips- For Out-of-State Buyer’s

The rumors are true, life in Arizona is pretty sweet, with a side of hellish hot in the summer, and that’s why an estimated 240-300 people move to the valley every day. Yes, you read that right, every day. Phoenix …

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