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Market Update- June 2022

MLS Supply Up 113% Over Last Year

Median Days Prior to Contract Rising For Buyers:

Market conditions continue to get better for buyers undeterred by rising mortgage rates. Over the last 10 weeks, there has been a surge of new …

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Market Update- May 2022

MLS Supply Up 45% in 6 Weeks

Rising Interest Rates Dropping Demand Quickly For Buyers:

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, less competition and more supply in Greater Phoenix! Active supply is up 40% from this time last year, …

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Market Update- April 2022

57% of Sales are Over Asking Price 

Median Sale Price Up 27% to $457,000 

For Buyers: 

Supply is still the top concern for buyers these days and we continue to look to new construction to add new homes and  …

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Market Update March 2022

Short Term Rentals up 23% NE Valley

MLS Rental Supply up 60% in 5 Months

For Buyers:

Don’t be fooled by the small increase in supply and decrease in demand compared to last year. The Greater Phoenix housing market is …

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Market Update February 2022

Housing Market is Just as Tough for Buyers over $1M

Median Sale Price up 2.4% Over Last Month

For Buyers:

Affordability has been dominating the headlines as of late, however few have been documenting the plight of buyers in the …

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Market Update January 2022

Cost to Rent vs. Buying in 2022
Owner Occupant Buyers Retreated in 2021

For Buyers:
As the cost of purchasing a home increases in Greater Phoenix, the question of whether to rent or buy becomes harder
to answer for some …

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Market Update- December 2021

What does a “normal” market even look like anymore?

Sellers: Look for these Measures to Shift in 2022

For Buyers:

Does anyone know what a normal, or balanced, housing market looks like anymore? In Greater Phoenix, the supply and demand …

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Market Update – November 2021

2022 Housing Predictions: Who to Believe?
Median Price Currently Rising 1% per Month on Average

For Buyers:

‘Tis the season for 2022 projections in the housing market and, as expected, there are conflicting opinions among national housing analysts. Zillow and …

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Offers No More

The big Zillow news, the “Zillow Offers” program is shuttering after only a few years due to disappointing profits and shareholder pressure. Zillow acted as buyer, appraiser, bank, flipper, then broker in their Zillow offers model, leaving the company exposed …

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Market Update- October 2021

The end of forbearance is not the end of a seller market. Supply is up 93% since April while prices continue to rise.

For Buyers:

The housing supply shortage is still in full swing, and there is online speculation that …

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Market Update- September 2021

Contract Activity Spiked 20% In This Price Range Luxury Sellers Over $1M Enjoying a Hot Summer

For Buyers:

Buyer demand has rallied sharply over the past 4 weeks, which is unusual for this time of year. The rally is exclusively …

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Market Update- July 2021

Whats Ahead for Sellers as Demand Weakens Median Sales Price Up 29%, Fewer Contracts

For Buyers:

Buyers with budgets over $300,000 may be noticing that they have more listings to choose from compared to a few months ago. …

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