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Market Update- September 23

Why Buyers Should Stay in the Game in 2023

Sellers: Prepare for Longer Days on Market in Q4 For Buyers:

When first-time home buyers talk to their parents or grandparents about today’s mortgage rates, they may get a response similar …

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Market Update- August 23

For Buyers: Not a lot of changes are happening in the housing market right now. It’s as if both buyers and sellers are in a holding pattern awaiting a sign before making a move. Conventional mortgage rates have held steady …

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Market Update- July 2023

Mortgage Interest Deduction Saves Money for New Homeowners

Home Values Appreciated 5-7% Since December 

For Buyers:While many professionals tout appreciation as the main benefit of homeownership, higher mortgage rates bring another tool into the equation that hasn’t been promoted …

Market Update
Market Update- March 2023

After 200% Increase, Supply Still Nearly 40% Below Normal

Sale Prices Up 3.5% Since December For Buyers:

Rates defied industry predictions once again and rose over a point from 5.99% to 7.1% between February 2nd and March 2nd. For the …

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Market Update- February 2023

Accepted Contracts Up 86% in 5 Weeks

Phoenix Back to a Sellers Market! But Its Not 20202022 Again. For Buyers:

The Spring season is upon Greater Phoenix. February hosts the Waste Management Open and …

Market Update
Market Update- January 2023

Phoenix Buyer Market – Aaaand Its Gone

Median Price Down $65,000 Since May For Buyers:

Last year, traditional buyers took a back seat to an influx of cash investors and speculators who outbid them. Then, mortgage rates increased …

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Market Update- November 2022

OnebyOne, Most Cities in Greater Phoenix Succumb to a Buyers Market

44% of October Sales Involve Seller Paid Concessions to Buyer For Buyers:

Greater Phoenix as a whole has been in a balanced market …

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Market Update- September 2022

32% of New Home Sales Had Concessions to Buyers

Mortgage Rate Hikes Cause Drop in Contracts Again For Buyers:

The percentage of closings with seller-paid closing costs continues to grow as August and September to date range be- tween 12-13% …

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Market Update- May 2022

MLS Supply Up 45% in 6 Weeks

Rising Interest Rates Dropping Demand Quickly For Buyers:

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, less competition and more supply in Greater Phoenix! Active supply is up 40% from this time last year, …

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Market Update- April 2022

57% of Sales are Over Asking Price 

Median Sale Price Up 27% to $457,000 

For Buyers: 

Supply is still the top concern for buyers these days and we continue to look to new construction to add new homes and  …

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Market Update March 2022

Short Term Rentals up 23% NE Valley

MLS Rental Supply up 60% in 5 Months

For Buyers:

Don’t be fooled by the small increase in supply and decrease in demand compared to last year. The Greater Phoenix housing market is …

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Market Update- December 2021

What does a “normal” market even look like anymore?

Sellers: Look for these Measures to Shift in 2022

For Buyers:

Does anyone know what a normal, or balanced, housing market looks like anymore? In Greater Phoenix, the supply and demand …

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