Elevate Your Space- Making an Entrance

An entryway is your home’s first impression- you have just a few seconds to convey what your home is about and to set the tone for the whatever event you may be welcoming guests to attend. An entry is truly a portal, transporting your guests into the world that is all your own. Consider what your entryway may be saying about your home, about you, and about how your guests feel as they pass through. Whether you have a defined entryway, foyer, courtyard, or possibly just a doorway into a room, there are ways to elevate this space to be one of the most special experiences when saying hello or goodbye.

In this months EYS, we are taking a look at some of our favorite entryways, what makes them so special, and how you can achieve an impactful entrance that is all your own.

First up, we have a defined entry. Sculpture helps to create layers at this lovely North Central patio home. The entry is surrounded by sculpture displayed on pedestals and the floor giving various heights and making the eye dance to take it all in. The bench and painting create a warmth and calm, a place to sit and put on shoes, while the pendant casts shadows across the work. This expertly achieved, layered look is created with various textures- porcelain, metal, paint, wood and jute, as well as various heights from pedestals and furniture. Consider the materiality of your entryway and how you could potentially incorporate another layer or height to achieve the look.

Next, we look at an undefined entry. The entryway at this home brings you directly into the living room. The owners created the entryway by installing a herringbone tile pattern to define the space and sectioned off the room with furniture. The tile, a subtle change, defines the space but keeps cohesion in mind as the rest of the flooring is the same tile material in a larger scale and set in a different pattern. Large scale and brightly colored, the entry painting sets the tone for a house which is full of pop and graphic interest. Eclectic furnishings take center stage and provide seating for shoe removal while the moroccan pendant finishes the space. If you happen to have an undefined entryway, consider defining the space with a colorful rug, sectioning the space with unique furnishings and swapping out a can light for a special pendant.

Last, we will look at the outside entry. If you have a small space to usher people into your home, consider the outside entry walk-up. This particular home has a covered entryway that is perfect for showcasing eclectic lighting, potted plants, and a colorful front door. The mix of stone, wood, ceramic and metal give this entryway so much personality and life- a fun walk-up to an amazingly colorful and happy home. Consider adding a mix of materials to your exterior walk up, swapping out exterior can lights for a unique light fixture, and painting your front door to set the mood for your interior.

Your entryway is both the first and last impression your home has, so why not make it as special as possible? Not only something for your guests to enjoy, but of course for you as well. Nothing like coming home especially when you get to transport into your own little world each time.

Written by: Misha Renteria

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