The Neighborly Q & A

I opened the floor to our Instagram audience this week and took questions about the housing market and my own experience as a realtor. If you don’t see a question you’d like the answer to below, please email directly to

Is there a ”slow” season in AZ?

Typically the holiday season and into the new year is our “slow” time. However I would expect demand to stay strong and supply to remain low this year- so more of the same.  

I’m worried about buying at the height of the market- what do you think will happen in the next 12 months?

The projections are the market will stay strong with a slight increase in interest rates- which may make prices stabilize. I think if you’re ready to buy, don’t wait, your buying power will go down with rising rates- and I would never try to time the market.

Will pricing pull back when interest rates rise or stay consistent with the current market?

Pricing does “pull back”a bit when rates rise- because this means consumers can afford less, however, that is in a normal market, what is projected to happen is a price “lull”- which really just looks flat. Rates will go up over time but they are not projected to be drastically different over the next 12 months.

Do you do stories about only your clients? Or are you open to suggestions?

Most all stories have been with my clients but I am open to suggestions. If you have a cool house or a unique story to share, let me know!

Are you hiring?

Yes! Currently looking for like minded agents to join our group. Email me!

I’m a first time home buyer, when do I need to involve an agent?

ASAP- start there, and if you’ve been looking on your own, or it’s a ways off- thats cool- but definitely employ an agent so you know what to expect, what to prepare, etc.

What’s the difference between a Realtor and an agent?

You would be shocked how many people ask this- a Realtor is a licensed agent that has joined a local realtors association- bound by an ethical code and standard of conduct. An agent is someone who holds a real estate license. I am a Realtor and I am part of the Phoenix Association.

How do I do an “off-market” purchase, like some you have done?

Best bet is to work with a very active agent- someone with a big network and lots of deals. They usually know people who would be willing to sell for the right price, terms, and timing.

Do you have a degree?

Yes I do! I’m a Sun Devil with a BS Business Management from WP Carey.

How long have you been in real estate? What did you do before?

Six years! I have done over 113 transactions and ranked top 1% agent at Sotheby’s! A little brag, but I’m proud! Before real estate I worked in retail as a General Manager- my last position was with Prada which was pretty darn fab! Before that I worked in financial planning.

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