That Special Something

sumanta and dan at their harver home

Not every home is special. There, I said it! Some homes are just regular, some are not great, and then there are some that knock your socks off! When it comes to the “knock-your-socks-off” kind of homes, it’s not always the bigger the better or the most expensive that win. I believe it’s a combination of the life that was lived in the home as much as it is the decor and upgrades.

When visiting the home of Dan and Sumanta for the first time, I knew it was very special instantly. Not because the home was a Ralph Haver, that definitely helped, but because the home had warmth, style and a vibrance about it that you could feel instantly. Dan and Sumanta, the ever gracious hosts, welcomed us with a quiche and coffee, while Higgins the bulldog, played and the baby napped. We sat at the dining table, brunched, and discussed selling their beautiful home- what it would be like, how quickly it would happen, and how we could position the property to get the absolute best outcome financially.

The house was exceptional- with a remodeled kitchen, restored concrete floors, updated doors, baseboards, hardware, and of course great light pouring in from East and West facing windows. The yard seemed to cocoon the house- surrounded on three sides was lush, green landscaping, a refreshing pool, as well as an arid cactus garden- all plants blooming and happy as the birds chirped from the ficus hedge. Dan and Sumanta beamed with pride about their house and all they had accomplished. We set the price, the date, and got to work preparing.

In what felt like no time at all, the house was sold and the boxes were packed. We sat down once more with the couple as they reflected on their time in Phoenix, their initial purchase, it’s record sale, and ultimately what lies ahead.

The Neighborly (N): Where are you originally from and what brought you to the valley?

Sumanta (S): Dan is from Phoenix by way of Milwaukee, and I’m from New Jersey but we met while living in the same neighborhood in New York City – Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We came to the Valley for a change of pace and to be close to Dan’s family.

N: How did you end up with a Haver?  Did you know of Haver before purchasing?

Dan (D): Finding this house was a bit of a fluke. The house was not listed as a Haver when we found it, nor was it described as mid-century or anything special whatsoever. We knew it had amazing lines and tons of potential. 

N: What was your house like before you remodeled?

S: Prior to remodeling, the house was a bit disjointed. Various shades of blue paint terrorized the walls, brown paint covered the original brown concrete floors, and a lemon yellow/black kitchen assaulted visitors as soon as they walked in the front door.

N: What projects made the biggest impact?

S: We started by painting all of the walls a warm shade of white and the window frames and front doors black. Then we refinished the concrete floors. These first steps gave us a neutral yet warm palette to build from. The biggest project was the kitchen, followed by the pool. The previous kitchen had a tiny footprint in a big space so we expanded and added an island. I work in fashion and have very particular feelings about color and materials so Dan was very patient with me while I collected exactly what I wanted for the space. The pool was Dan’s baby, and it was his idea to add a Baja step, which has been so much fun for adults and kids alike. There were delays and challenges due to Covid, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

N: What is your favorite part of your home?

D: The floors, the light, the pool, and watching our son grow from a tiny baby to a little boy here.

N: Why did you decide to sell? 

S: We decided to sell because my family is on the East Coast. We’ll be back to visit often though, as Dan’s family is still here!

N: Plus with this market it is such an ideal time to sell, so much equity in such a small amount of time! Did the reaction to your listing surprise you?

D: Yes. The current market is vastly different from the one we purchased in just a few years ago.

N: What advice do you have for others looking to sell?

S: Prior to your open house, let go of things you don’t use, rent a truck to store the big items that you need but that no one needs to see- e.g. kid things, dog crates, etc.

N: What will you miss most about your neighborhood?

S: The neighbors are friendly and look out for one another. We will miss them all!  Proximity to great restaurants like Luci’s, Dick’s Hideaway, Otro- it seems this is the perfect location in the valley and close to every great part of town.

That special something, the combination of life, decor, and architecture- led to a fantastic sale. Dan, Sumanta, and The Neighborly group set a record in their neighborhood for the highest price per square foot ever sold- by far and above! It will take some time for another sale to come close. While we will miss this family, we are happy for their new chapter to begin. We know they will create another special home wherever they land.

Written by: Misha Renteria

Photos by: Spenser Lee (Dan and Sumanta) & Austin Larue (property)

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