Rates & Recipes: Palo Santo Mezcal Martini by Zach Mercado

There is a great deal of speculation when it comes to the market and where rates are headed. Will things get worse or better? Is this a good time to buy? As a Mortgage Professional, here are two things to consider in order to navigate this market. 

  1. In today’s climate, mortgage rates are influenced by how investors perceive inflation. Typically, if the marketplace believes inflation to be slowing, rates likely improve. If markets perceive inflation to be worsening, rates will likely climb. Though not an exact science, the markets review various monthly and quarterly reports to gauge the overall health of the market and then respond. Recent reports are showing very early signs that inflation may have peaked and thus set up rates to begin improving. But we will have to see!
  2. Kiplinger recently released a study showing that 2/3 of all American Net Worth is from home equity. In other words, 67% of what makes someone financially secure is there home! Despite the market fluctuation and naysayers, a home that you can afford is still the most proven way to grow personal wealth.

Zach Mercado

Loan Officer | NMLS 1947860

Mobile (623) 210-1946

You can also read about Zach’s artfully curated Southwestern home named ‘The Sunstone’ in The Neighborly PEOPLE section.


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