Olivia and John

The refinished original wood flooring, plaster walls, exposed brick, the most gorgeous mustard-yellow-original-kitchen and tons of natural light; Olivia and John have created a space to both breath and create.  The decor definitely has a romantic side, from the handmade furniture (by John), sheer drapery, black and white photography and vintage accents found throughout.  The other side is a quirky-charm from the pops of colorful vintage dinosaur collectibles, cookbooks, plants, paintings, instruments and an industrial oven.  The two feelings carry through the space and blend in effortless harmony- each room feels unfussy and unique.  Let’s just say, it’s the kind of interior that makes you want to go home, de-clutter and redecorate immediately.

Many of the couples pieces are handmade or vintage with some newness here and there.  The vintage pieces are referenced in stores we love to shop in town and the handmade elements are referenced to their maker (John).  Much of the photos throughout the home are John’s personal work, with links to his website and social media.

Arc Lamp     Credenza    Framed Photo  Brown Leather Butterfly Chair

Sofa    Drapes    Rug*

World Map   Black and White Photos

Bedspread  Vintage Desk & Vintage Chair  Drapes

Paint Color  Skull

Dino   Soap Basket

50’s breakfast booth

Vintage Cake Stand

Bench  Coffee Table  Built-ins  

Built-in bookshelves

Vintage Chest

Drapes  Photo   Bedding


Photo  Mirror

Vintage Cake Stand   Lamp 

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