Interior Trends- Saltillo and Spindles

The Southwest style that we all know (and some love) is back in a big way. From artwork to fashion, and of course interiors- the trends have shifted back to the iconic Southwest and unique desert lifestyle. No longer dimly lit and romanticized, today’s Southwestern style is bright, open, airy, with organic elements and warmth. One iconic material has become popular again and one historic element brings new texture to our spaces.


An organic and durable material, Saltillo is having a resurrection in todays interiors. With a variety of earthenware colors and shapes to compliment any project, this handmade tile lends a richness and luxe to any space it graces. One of the most desert appropriate materials, Saltillo is made from mud found in the riverbeds of Saltillo Coahuila- it is terracotta, but only terracotta from this region is called Saltillo. Many of the tiles used in today’s applications are terra cotta not from Saltillo- but are referenced as Saltillo mistakenly- which we’re not mad at because they are all beautiful! If you’re a purist, make sure your Saltillo is from the correct region. Interior designers today often opt for matte or raw finish, applying an appropriate sealer to protect the desired look and sheen. This warm and earthy color palette will enrich your space while adding coolness to the touch and feel of the surface.

Some of our favorite local places to see a variety of Saltillo and terra cotta tiles include:

  1. The Mexican Tile and Stone Company
  2. Craftsman Court


Furniture has gotten leggy recently with chairs, side tables, and even vanities sporting decorative, thin wooden legs. The spindle leg has been around for centuries, grazing many eras of furniture and accessories- and is having a moment as the new accent piece to bring a bit of elegance into a room. Keeping it a bit simple, one spindle leg item per space is the easiest way to incorporate this trend- it’s also helpful to assess the space and make sure there aren’t too many different legs in the room. Balance the spindle with upholstered furniture or soft accessories. If you search for spindle legged furniture, you will be met with a slew of brand new items from a variety of stores, but we are most interested in vintage pieces found at some of our favorite local and online stores.

  1. Antiques Gatherings
  2. Everything Goes
  3. Camelback Antiques

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Written by: Misha Renteria

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