Interior Trends- Zellige and Scallops Please

I love a trend! Since I was young, I was first in line for all the fashion newness- I felt it important to be the first to try a trend and claim it as my own. Whether a major statement or a major embarrassment, I was there for it, ready to give it my all. As I have evolved, my love of all things fashion has turned into a passion for interiors as my fashion career turned to real estate. As time passed, I was no longer first in line but watching with a more refined eye; I watch for trends I think will last and what I feel is a passing fad. My trend-spotting skills have become a fantastic asset for my clientele as I guide them through remodels, styling, staging, and selling their homes. In this new series, Interior Trends, I will share the latest in home decor and remodeling and how to incorporate new styles into your space or your next project. 

Scalloped details are making a major appearance in all interior forms- soft goods like bedding, towels, and table linens to hard goods- lamps, shelves, serving ware- you name it, it’s been rippled to resemble a shell-like perfection. Once seen mostly in cottage decor, can now be found in almost every design sensibility from Scandinavian to Hacienda. It’s a fun trend to incorporate and easy at any price point. 

One of my clients took a vintage shelf from a bedroom closet and repurposed it in her laundry room. Painting it a brilliant orange color to update the look and make it pop. It really makes the room special.

Zellige tiles are literally everywhere right now. It’s easy to see why; these multi-colored, handmade, and organic-looking tiles give a rugged luxury to any space. Zellige seems to be replacing the simple subway tile as the most popular material and application. They are all gorgeous, from the authentic handmade terra cotta tiles to the knock-off TileBar versions. I feel an improvement from the same old thing we’ve seen for years. The temptation for most is to go simple and use the lighter neutral colors, which is lovely, but we are starting to see an over-saturation of the white Zellige and already growing weary of this trend. The good news is that Zellige tiles come in a variety of jewel tones, pastels, and various sizes, making color easy to love and commit to. I love to see Zellige mixed with other tiles- like classic Talavera- to create incredible designs, borders, etc. The good news is that you don’t have to change your shower tile to incorporate this trend into your home, as Zellige tiled tables, mirrors, and accessories are gorgeous and widely available.

My client chose the Pure White Zellige from Tilebar in a counter to ceiling application in this stunning kitchen.

Two easy-to-love trends that are complimentary to a variety of interior styles. Both scallops and Zellige share a whimsical quality and a not-so-serious take that I always love. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items for both trends with links below.

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