Elevate Your Space – Hardware Matters

Taking a breath from the market, interest rates, and contracts- let’s talk about the fun part of owning a home- making it pretty! There are many ways to upgrade a house- from a large-scale total remodel to landscaping, decor, etc. It seems the list never ends, and it is hard to know where to begin. After working on my own home for over 10 years, advising clients with their remodels, working on investment properties, and sifting through endless websites and home shops in the process; I wanted to create a series dedicated to the small projects that you can do to improve your space, give you the biggest impact, and to truly elevate the quality of your space. 

Today we’re talking hardware. Don’t hit that “X” in the upper corner so quickly! Hardware is super exciting and is something you use, touch, and look at every day without thinking about it. When something is used so frequently, it’s essential to be of high quality, in working order, and of course, pretty. 

The prettiest and highest quality homes I have sold all have gorgeous, solid hardware throughout that matches or echoes the style throughout the house. Hardware is a way to make everything in your home look intentional and can help you choose a style to move forward with. For example, if you have a mid-century home, consider the style you want to lean into; Scandinavian, retro, vintage, etc., and begin there. I suggest picking a doorknob first; you can typically stick with the same manufacturer for everything- hinges, pulls, etc. once you select a style. You may also want to stick with the manufacturer for everything because finishes can change from brand to band. 

There are so many beautiful choices, and some are insanely expensive! Beware before you fall in love with a $1300 doorknob! There are some wonderful high-end options at reasonable prices. Below are some of my go-to hardware brands as they have a range of styles:

  1. Emtek– $$
  2. Rejuvination– $$
  3. Bladwin – $$
  4. Rocky Mountain (new fave)- $$$

Next, consider if you want to change up the hardware throughout your house- bathrooms, kitchen, etc. I believe in mixing metals, it’s stylish and looks less “builder” grade. If you go matte black on your door hardware, you can still choose to do chrome in a bathroom; however, you’ll want to consider where your mix will be, how close they are to each other, and if you like the combo. I like to start at the front of the house and move through each room, making a hardware checklist and envisioning each space as I go. Even if the faucets, towel rods, and drawer pulls are another year out-, it’s helpful to plan.

As I mentioned before, start at the doorknob. This is your highest traffic/use area and a great place to begin elevating your home. If you have to take this project in phases due to budget or time, you may even consider just changing your exterior door hardware and not every interior door. Whichever way you slice it, make sure those doorknobs, deadbolts, and hinges are your first priority- every time you turn that doorknob, you’ll thank me!

Once you have your list and have considered the style you want to lean into, visit a hardware store near you to see and feel each option. Below is a list of high-end hardware stores/showrooms:

  1. Clyde Hardware, Phoenix AZ (my go-to because it’s so close)
  2. Expressions Home Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
  3. Scottsdale Custom Building Materials, Scottsdale AZ

Last steps in the process- order, wait, install, then enjoy. You have upgraded your home and will likely never have to change those knobs ever again. One little project at a time to create quality, long-lasting, elevated interiors.

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