SPACES- Guest Bed Refresh

It’s the time of year for family, friends, at-home entertaining, and general togetherness. Whether you’re a host or a guest, there are so many things to consider- getting your home ready, making plans, grocery shopping, decorating, canceled flights, lost baggage- all to get to the moment you can share, enjoy and relax. The holidays can be so fun, but they can also be super stressful. This year, as I welcome my brother and sister-in-law to my home for the holidays, I wanted to ensure they were extremely comfortable, cozy, and stress-free during their stay.

I evaluated my sad little guest room, with leftover sheets, mismatched pillows, and no accessories to speak of- and decided giving the room a proper makeover was in order. A refresh, not just for looks, but for functionality, providing a little sanctuary to our out-of-state guests.


As a long-time airbnb-er, I know the best rooms are always the ones with the best beds- mattress, bedding, and pillows matter. The mattress I have in the space is a Tuft & Needle and has always received rave reviews. The pillows are from the Company Store (they make the best pillow). So this was all about elevating the bedding. Stripping off mismatched, accidentally bleached grey sheets- I was suddenly embarrassed by all the lovely people who had stayed in this guest bed before. Shrugging off my guest guilt, I remade the bed with freshly ironed linen sheets from RH. Yes, ironed…this is huge- it makes the bed look like it belongs in a 5-star boutique hotel. Tucking in a cozy waffle blanket, then topping the bed with a new striped linen duvet from Tierra del LagartoРthe bed was just about complete. Pillows are a HUGE part of making a bed look luxe- I chose two large olive green linen pillows and one wool/cotton pillow from Tierra del Lagarto and placed my favorite Peruvian frazada from Bon at the foot.

Now to furniture and lighting. I swapped out the nightstands for two mismatched antique occasional tables- the height of which is perfect for a bedside table. Both tables were found for under $100 at Camelback Antiques– one of my favorite antique stores to treasure hunt. One table received a small beaded lamp from RH, and the other some wildflowers. The long dresser was topped with matching vintage lamps from Soda Pop Vintage, a wooden tray from Bungalow with items for my guests, and a vintage Arizona Highways travel book from Everything Goes.

Atop the dresser, a vintage AZ Highways book and wooden tray of guest goodies

Now that the room is cozy, has a beautiful luxe bed, and is accessorized to match the rest of the house; we are looking forward to our guests even more with such a pretty space to host them in. Such an easy thing to help elevate your space as well as your guest’s experience when visiting.

The welcoming committee- Scout!

Written by: Misha Renteria

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