DESIGN IN THE DESERT NO.5 Hair Artists- Lane & Amanda

When we think of design, we often go straight to architecture or interiors.  But when you look at what influences design, it is often artists, musicians, trend setters, and forward thinkers that are at the forefront. As someone that’s had the same hair style for three decades, I admire people that take a chance, have a bold style, really own a look.  This is why Hair Artists, Lane and Amanda are so inspiring. They’re full of creativity and passion, they are bold, confident and have grown a following of clients that give them the liberty to create unique looks. In their downtown salon spaces, bursting with art and color, we sit down and talk about their love for hair, art, food, and what good design means to them. 

Tell us a little about your business. 
LANE: My mom was a stylist so I grew up in hair salons. She let me practice and look at all her cosmetology books. I’ve always known that I was a creative and have always been attracted to vibrant colors. Right now, I work with a lot of clients that want bold styles. From creative color to craft haircuts -every service is designed specifically for that person. This is an art form for sure that has evolved over time. I’ve paid my dues but not in an old fashion way! As a stylist or a professional in any business, you have to be able to do the fundamentals really well in order to perfect more creative work. 

AMANDA: I’ve worked downtown doing hair for thirteen years and have been in this space for six. I’ve have tried to make it into a really beautiful space that feels good. The trends are less big salons and more intimate spaces. I have a lot of long-time clients that give me the freedom to be more creative.

When clients come to you, do they have an idea of what they want or is it more collaborative?

LANE: I have a good variety of clients that want me to be collaborative and others that let me take creative liberties. With a lot of clients they come to me with a very strong idea of what they want. I usually ask for pictures for most services so I have an understanding of the direction we’re going. Sometimes I have a client that tells me to do whatever you want.  I would say 80% of my clientele is looking for some sort of vibrant color. I don’t follow trends. I am an Aquarius, so I am in my own world all the time. I focus less on trends and more on what inspires me. I always inventing new color palettes for myself. Yes, I take new clients.

AMANDA:  I have a lot of regulars that I’ve done their hair for a long time.   Since I have worked downtown for 13 years and in this space for 6- and before that I was just around the corner.  My clients range from 12- 80 years old- I love the variety of hair that I get to do and yes, I take new clients.

Your studio spaces are so inspiring, what is your style at home? 
LANE: It’s bold and very bright. I love splashes of pink and lots of plants – it’s like a jungle in there. I definitely have a plant addiction. I am all in on the maximalist look.

AMANDA: I love black and white, black and white clothes and black and white art. I am also visual and graphic but I do have a love of florals. Lane and I have developed a really distinct style that incorporates both of us. 

You both love art. Who are some artists you’ve had on your radar recently? 
LANE: I don’t have a lot of time to visit places to collect so a lot of the art I have are pieces from clients or artists I meet through friends. One of my most recent pieces is from Lily Reeves and some really beautiful acrylic pieces by Laura Amphlett. I also love Gabriel Bustos’ work. 

AMANDA: I love Tyger Teeth‘s account and art. She’s awesome. I also love Jenni Pirmann. Her art is amazing. 

What are your favorite places in Phoenix? 

LANE: For coffee I love Futuro or First Place Coffee. One of my favorite places to create is Afternoon Studio. They also do retail and it’s a really inspiring place. We both love Glai Baan – it’s like you’re transported to Thailand for the time you’re there. Our other favorites are Bacanora and Valentine. We go there a lot! 

AMANDA: I love Asian food, especially pho. I love all the flavor combos and that it’s really hard to make at home. Pho 43 (on 43rd Ave + Thomas) is so good! I also love Across The Pond, it’s modern sushi and I like that it’s open late. Shimogamo is more traditional sushi and so amazing. I spend a lot of money at Now or Never. It’s one of the only places I go to physically to shop. 

What does good design mean to you? 
LANE: It’s how you feel when you walk into a room and how many of my senses are touched. Good design affects the majority of senses – everything from the energy of the space to how things are placed, the utilization of space. I am not a minimalist in any was so good design to me is like “chaos” but a more controlled kind of way.  

AMANDA: As long as you believe in it then it’s good design. Sometimes you see art of a design and think – what is that? But they believed in it and had an intention about it and that is good design. I also think when a bit of chaos and a bit of organization come together – that is beautiful. 

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Written by: Ruth Price

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