Creative, diverse, and unique, our neighborhoods are created by the people who live in them. Here we tell the stories of real people in our community through the lens of home buying, selling, renting, and renovating.

Forever Turned Vacation

When you find it, you know- the FOREVER home A place where you can envision starting or expanding a family, hosting holiday dinners, holding...

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Downsize to Live Big

Today's housing trends are a far cry from the late 90's- where bigger was better and new was best  Back in the early 2000's folks were moving out of...

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Home Sweet Home

One of the things that I really believe makes a successful business is the same thing that I believe makes an amazing homeauthenticity  I think...

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Treasures in Tract

Stepping into another world- into the mind of a prolific talent, a collector, a storyteller and a dear friend, the home of , Michael Prepsky, is...

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Cashing in on Coronado

When is it time to sell your starter  When is it best to stay put and invest/build the home you want Many of the first time homeowners I met at the...

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House of Change


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Living Color

Meet Christina, native of Gilbert, AZ, Recruiting Manager at Fox Restaurant Concepts, mother to the fabulous Zooey Rae, the fuzzy Pancake-Pickles,...

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Decisions in Concrete

Taking on a remodel, whether a kitchen or an entire home is a daunting task to say the least  Not for the impatient, nor the easily stressed and...

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Finding Schreiber

This particular home has been written about many times over the years, featured on home tours like Modern Phoenix’s annual tour and written about...

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