Market for Mid Mod

What happens when you mix an interior designer with a vintage furniture/art dealer? Well…you get a drop-dead-gorgeous home located in an iconic mid-century building all within the most popular zip code in the valley.  These two know how to hunt for gems, mix vintage with new seamlessly, can identify architects, designers, artists and fabrics like no one else.  When I received the call letting me know this couple was considering selling, I figured it was the perfect excuse to share their home with everyone here.  Piggy backing on their listing photos, we did an impromptu photo shoot with the couple and their two adorable pups.

Meet Lindsay, an interior designer working for a local firm specializing in commercial spaces with an impressive list of brands.  Lindsay purchased the condo in 2014 as a short sale and soon got to work making changes to the look of the home.  Redoing the floors, smoothing the walls and painting the whole space a bright white created the perfect palette for colorful art and architectural furnishings.

Meet Ryan, a vintage art and furniture dealer @finelinemodern known for finding the most unique and rare pieces and driving just about anywhere to get them!  The couple was easily able to blend their two spaces into one when Ryan moved in, having very similar taste and sensibilities made their space even more amazing.

Normally when preparing a home to market, my clients and I take time to review what needs to be paired down, put away, brightened up, etc.  Without any of those typical issues to tackle, we focused instead on the ins and outs of the contract and how timing of selling and buying could be tricky business.  After spending a few hours with listing paperwork, calendars and getting acquainted- we had devised a plan to hit the market with the perfect price, capitalize on weekend traffic and hopefully wrap it up before they returned from Modern week in Palm Springs.

Their home was incredibly popular as soon as I hit the “publish” on the MLS, I received calls within minutes.  Showings continued throughout the weekend and we asked all interested parties to have their offers in by Sunday night.  Not sure if all our perfect plans were the reason or merely the home being gorgeous in pictures and even better in person.

With their home sale well under way and the new home search beginning, we took a little time to chat about what the process of selling was like and what they hope to find in the future.

N:  What have you loved about living there?

L:  The location is unbeatable. Being 10 minutes from work, I am able to come home for lunch to see the pups. The shadows created by the exterior screen makes me happy.

N:  What is your favorite spot in the house?

L:  We both love the living room overlooking the courtyard. The large floor to ceiling window brings incredible natural light. I feel like we are in a treehouse.

N:  What made you decide to sell? How did you pick your agent?

L:  We are looking to grow our family.

R:  Family and friends are important to us and we felt the same when looking for an agent. We were recommended our agent from a close friend.

N: What surprised you about the process or what did you learn?

L: How quickly it moves and there is never going to be the perfect time to move.

N:  Will it be hard to say goodbye?

L:  Totally! We have made so many great memories at Martinique and we are excited for our next chapter.

N:  Even though we haven’t found the right home yet, make a prediction for what your home will look like, feel like, be like??

L:  I imagine there being a lot of natural light, possibly Modern Spanish.

Wherever this couple finds their new home, we know it will be amazing once they get their hands on it.  Although they are technically looking for more space to grow their family, we know it will include growing their furniture and art collection as well.

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