KAHVI Coffee

214 E Roosevelt Street Phoenix 85004 | Drinkkahvi.com

Kavhi Coffee is a modern cafe located in the heart of the Monorchid in downtown Phoenix, with an inviting atmosphere and plenty of space to get work done. The space holds exciting community events on the weekends and its proximity to other local shopping destinations in the city makes it a great pit stop on a walk about town.

That Special Something

May 24, 2022

Not every home is special. There, I said it! Some;...

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Subtle Southwest

February 10, 2022

Feeling inspired by our Southwestern Sensibilities feature? We’ve found some;...

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Form Floral

December 20, 2022

1215 E Missouri Ave Phoenix AZ, 95014 | Formfloral.com Art-focused;...

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Buyer 101- Windows

January 28, 2023

We have yet to talk windows in our Buyer 101;...

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