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At the Mountain Shadows on an evening in early January, the sun set and we clinked our cold glasses of wine as a celebratory cheers to a partnership and an expansion of the Neighborly Group into the premium properties of Scottsdale. We are growing and expanding, which is so exciting- but to be able to partner with an agent that has so much experience, a fabulous personality, style and savvy, we are just over the moon! As we welcome Ruth @desertstyleaz, our newest contributor and Realtor to the Neighborly Group, it seems only fitting that we share her story with our valued clients and following.

Ruth Price, while newer to the valley, is no newbie when it comes to real estate. With 20 years in the business under her belt and a passion for unique and beautiful architecture, Ruth is a power-house addition to our group with a pulse on the Scottsdale scene for the most unique and exciting homes our sister city has to offer. Within her first full year of real estate in the valley, she earned top awards for her sales volume and received recognition from some valley designers and agents for her savvy marketing style. With some amazing projects already in the works plus a fundraiser for a wonderful cause, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Ruth Price!

N: Where are you originally from?  What brought you to Arizona?

R: I spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest. I was fortunate to call beautiful Bend, Oregon my home for a lot of years before moving to Portland. The outdoor beauty, trees, as well as the proximity to the mountains, Pacific Ocean, and rivers is like no other; but sunny escapes kept tugging at me. This is what prompted my husband and I to buy a second home in Arizona as a sun sanctuary. We came for the winter a few years back and never left. 

N: Where did your real estate career start and how long have you been in the business?              

R: My real estate career started in 2002 in new construction. I exclusively represented one of the most talented developers in Oregon, Woodhill Homes, who was building thoughtfully designed new communities in Bend. We all had a deep passion for modern architecture and I loved every moment of our partnership. Around 2008 I moved to Portland, and represented clients developing in-fill properties with an emphasis on modern pacific-northwest architecture as well as historic homes in tree-studded, close-in neighborhoods. I was consistently recognized as a top producer amongst my peers, amassing a large portfolio of represented properties, happy clients, and lifelong friends. Since moving to Arizona I’ve found that my love for design and architecture is a perfect fit for the desert and I’ve been fortunate to consult for wonderful clients who value design, style, and quality over quantity and want to live in lifestyle locations. 

N: Where did you settle in the Valley? What made you purchase the home you’re in? What do you love about your neighborhood?  

R: We choose Scottsdale because we wanted the second-home feel with great access to all the HOT spots but still far enough away for a little elbow room. The home we’re in is actually our second home in Arizona. After settling in, we were scouting for an investment property and we found this perfect time-capsule that was for sale by its original owner. The house was cloaked in darkness by layers of sun shades, shutters, and heavy curtains and after peeling back the layers we started falling for it. So we decided to make it our home. We love all the natural light pouring in through the arched windows, the happy green from the mature hedges along the perimeter of the yard, and the vaulted ceiling that adds drama as well as the wood burning fireplace. This, “North Central Scottsdale,” neighborhood is fun to live in. It’s quiet with plenty of sidewalks and bike paths, minutes from hiking trails and continuously changing with an influx of hip new residents. 

N: You’re always outdoors, where are your favorite hikes?

R: I love hiking in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve; Two Bits Peak for an intense workout and Trail 100 for a more leisurely hike. I am also a huge fan of the Gateway Trail in the McDowell Mountain Preserve, especially early in the morning to watch the sunrise over Scottsdale. 

N: What was a pleasant surprise about the valley?

R: I was pleasantly surprised at how most people here value a healthy lifestyle. There is a plethora of healthy eating options, farmer’s markets, workout studios, and outdoor escapes which make it so easy to live well. 

N: You work with many clients relocating to the valley, what are the top 3 things you want to convey to your clientele about AZ living?

R: First, location is one of the key components of a happy Arizona life. Most people don’t realize that this is one of the largest metro areas in the US and having a trusted resource to help you narrow down areas is essential. 

Second, I would say lifestyle is important. The desert is abundant with sunshine and we live outdoors as much as indoors so choose a home and neighborhood that lends itself to desert living. 

Third, definitely plan on vacationing in the summer. It gets HOT for about three to four months but the rest of the year makes up for it. We have easy access to Colorado, Utah, and California as well as plenty of daily flights to the Pacific Northwest to escape the summer heat. 

N: Can you tell us about your passion for the arts and how art is such a big piece of your life and work?

R: I love bold colors and living with art makes me happy. “Do art, see art, collect art,” has consistently been one of my intentions year after year, and my Mail.Box.Art Project is a way to make that happen. I started it as a way share my love for art with friends and clients and support local artists in the process. From time to time, I send an art postcard in the mail highlighting the work of an artist I love. Each piece is meant to be enjoyed, savored, and saved but I also hope to highlight that original artwork can be accessible at all price points. You can sign up for list here.

N: Can you share about your fundraiser and why it is so important and close to your heart?

R: In 2015 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was young and healthy and this out of the blue diagnosis completely changed my life. I realized how precious time is; it really is the only non-renewable resources I have, so I was determined that if I beat cancer I would change the way I live and how I spend my precious time. 2022 is my 20th year in the real estate business and I want to celebrate that by raising $20,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help fight blood cancer. You can donate HERE or reach out for other donation arrangements. 

N: What made you want to work with the Neighborly group?

R: I want to be surrounded by creative minds that do great work, and I found our style and business direction align perfectly. We’re all passionate about our clients, style, design, art, and architecture! I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented group of agents. 

We want to formally welcome Ruth to not only the Neighborly, but to Russ Lyon Sotheby’s! Ruth will be our Scottsdale and premium properties liaison. We can’t wait to share projects that we have already begun collaborating, bringing more of Scottsdale’s PEOPLE, PLACES and SPACES as well as amazing homes.

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