5 Local Artists You Should Know- Painters Edition

We at the Neighborly love local artists- we are overwhelmed by the amount of talent coming out of Phoenix and want to share some of our favorites with our subscribers.  We have put together a short list of painters, ceramicists, sculptures, photographers and mixed media artists for you to take a look into with links to their sites and social media profiles.

Supporting local artists, especially now, can make a world of difference as many arts festivals have canceled and galleries have closed giving artists only their personal websites to sell from. For anyone looking to spruce up their space while staying inside, we recommend checking out these five talented local painters.

Suzanne Falk
Suzanne Falk’s love for contemporary realism and illustration began before she was old enough to read. “I would pour over books and imagine what the images meant,” she recalls. Through her colorful creations—which often feature nostalgic imagery and cryptic messages—she brings her own stories to life.



Brianna Voron
Phoenix-based visual artist Brianna Voron’s illustrative works depict the unique beauty of the American Southwest. The artist draws on many themes for inspiration, including history, nature, sexuality, mortality and her own memories. When she’s not busy creating work in her studio, you’ll either find Voron woodworking or exploring the desert.


Travis Ivey
Travis Ivey, a.k.a. “HANK,” works in two distinctivly different artwork styles. The first of which “employs an intuitive approach to composition and design using collected materials and varieties of tape to create ‘paintings.’” Conversely, his second style—which represents Ivey’s alter-ego HANK—employs representational techniques and focuses on “the natural and man-made beauty of the Western landscape, as well as the tradition of oil painting.”



James Randle
Oil painter James Randle starts each work by painting from feeling. His style, known as urban realism, reflects Randle’s admiration for modern landscape painters, seen in the atmospheres he creates by using suffused light throughout his work. The result? Work that is both gestural and emotive—causing complexity to emerge from the seemingly benign urban settings he depicts.



Ashley Macias
Ashley Macias has always had a strong desire to express herself through art. “I’ve been painting a majority of my life,” Macias said in an interview for Voyage Phoenix. “Drawing and mixing colors have always had my attention among other things as I grew into my awkward adult self.” Today, the self-taught surrealist painter’s whimsical creatures can be found in galleries, coffee shops and on murals throughout Phoenix.



Contacting each artist directly through their website or instagram profile ensures that artists receives

100% of each sale.

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